What it takes to tell the right story


First we get to know each other. It’s important for me to learn a good deal about your product or service in order to pitch ideas for video content. These conversations can be done remotely or in person, and the more information you can provide (investor deck, product renders, market strategy, etc), the better.


Then I create a few treatments for your reaction. This process is an excellent way to ensure we’re on the right track before putting together a formal script. It allows me to test a few options and see what you like or dislike before moving forward. Once we’ve settled on a particular direction, we start writing the script.


Our production schedule will begin to take shape as we develop the video framework. Important details to consider will include how much time we need to film, actors and location requirements, and post-production concepts, such as visual FX and animation. And after we execute the filming and editing, I will ensure everything is set for distribution, including proper playback codecs and resolutions for all media.


Throughout the process, there will be opportunities to bring in additional resources depending on the needs of the project. I have worked with a number of professionals for writing support, production crew, and post-production artists in the past. The decision to include particular resources will be based on the timeline and budget for the project.