Featured Video:  Madonna Mission

Madonna Mission is a Chicago based non-profit that provides education and resettlement support for refugee families.

Welcome to PCD Productions

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The foundation of filmmaking is to share stories. The good ones excite curiosity. The great ones evoke emotion. And though all stories contain elements of information, such as how a new product is created, it is the human connection to these details that ultimately captivates us. Because when a story is told well, even the most basic of ideas comes to life. This is what I do.

My name is Paul, and my job is to share the accounts of impressive people and organizations from all over the world. The more that I learn with each new project, the more that I realize there is left to be discovered, which excites and motivates me to continue my adventure in storytelling. I hope you enjoy.


Commercial Work


Better photos light up our lives, and one Chicago startup is helping smartphone users do just that. Check out Nova, a bright new way to take better photos.


Helios is the world's first integrated lighting system for your bike's handlebars. It's time for the smart bike revolution.


The Beluga Razor offers a barber-quality shave, minus the barber. This single-edge razor delivers the closest and most comfortable shave right at home.

Documentary Work

The Blackline

Inspired by the City of Broad Shoulders, the Blackline is Chicago's entry in the Oregon Manifest Bike Design Project. The bike takes its name from Chicago's iconic elevated train lines that run throughout the city, non-stop.

les rêveurs

FinleyKnight comprises two brothers and endless electronics. With intricate rhythms and powerful harmonies, this complete sound will certainly keep you dancing.

Obama For America

President Obama's speech to the campaign HQ the day after his reelection in 2012. I am proud to have worked on his campaign and honored to have contributed to this special video.